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Our Values

  • Keep it simple

    Everything about us is simple. Our product, our communication and the people who work here. We are straightforward and unpretentious, we ask questions and turn to each other for help. Our mission is to make everyday life easier for our users, which is why we always put user-friendliness first on the agenda.

  • Make it happen

    We celebrate strong wills and a can-do attitude. When we set the sights, we make sure to get there. Our approach is that everything is possible and that it’s only when we try, that we can succeed. By believing in ourselves and our ability, we dare to challenge ready-made templates and to go our own way.

  • Improve together

    Without our employees we’re just an idea. Without our customers we’re just a product. Together we make a difference. Our customers form an integral part of our team. We can only fulfil our promise to facilitate everyday life if we listen to our customers, understand their needs and embark on this journey together.

Workplace & Culture

Meet some of us onboard

  • Awesome team, everybody is helpful and there is a good spirit. You learn a lot by doing day to day work and get the chance to grow.

    Gustav Levin

    Frontline support

  • This is an Organization at an early stage, the potential is huge, the future is bright, and all depends on how far you want to go with CheckProof = sky is the limit!

    Manuel Lopez Melgar

    UK Country Manager / Key Account Manager

  • CheckProof is an unpretentious workplace with high transparency and collaborations between departments. It is a melting pot for ideas, visions, and great drive where nothing is impossible, and you have the freedom to steer your own development.

    Linn Björklund

    comunication manager

  • CheckProof's management is very caring of their employees and we got a great team spirit within our group which is very fun. I like that it is a rather small company because you get an opportunity to really thrive in your role.

    Christian Wedar

    Financial Manager in the financial department

  • My voice matters. All opinions are taken into consideration.

    Jakob Schwieler

    Product owner, Development

  • CheckProof truly is characterized by its employees, they are the ones making the vision real! Each one, with their commitment, competence, and personality, is part of shaping the CheckProof success story.

    Håkan Holmgren & Linn Karlsson

    CEO & head of sales, marketing

16 languages 24 countries

CheckProof is used in 24 countries worldwide and is available in 16 different languages. The user is our main focus, our task is to make it as easy as posible for them.

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